Station B released the 2019 barrage, AWSL was sent three million times

Station B released the 2019 barrage, “AWSL” was sent three million times
Sauna Night News December 4, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as “Station B”) released the 2019 annual barrage-“AWSL”.This is also the third year of the B station’s annual barrage inventory.In addition, “Tear eyes”, “Famous scenes”, “Miao ah”, “Shrimp catchers”, “Welcome home” and other barrage were also selected as the top ten barrage hot words this year.In the past ten years, the barrage has almost become an important way of interaction in the B station community. It has become a barrage culture derived from it, and it has also become a unique symbol for recording young people and changes in the times.With the continuous growth of users and content, in the past year, the users of station B sent a total of more than 1.4 billion barrages, including 3296443 times of annual barrage “AWSL”.Behind the popularity of “AWSL” acronyms is the emotional resonance of young people. This is an era in which various acronyms are invented.”AWSL” is the pinyin acronym derived from “Ah, I’m dead”.The concise “AWSL” expresses the emotional experience of contemporary young people “hit hard” when facing favorite content.Regarding the popularity of “AWSL”, Gao Hanning, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the root cause lies in the fact that “AWSL” not only shows the characteristics of the use of youth culture, but also meets certain media attributes. Popularity is no accident.”AWSL is a high-frequency vocabulary used by young people. Behind it is the result of a certain ideological demand changing among young people.” Gao Hanning said, “The acronym of the pinyin of popular words has always been a barrage video website.The high-frequency vocabulary in the medium is most suitable for the characteristics of the barrage culture, which is instantaneous, impromptu, and short residence time.”B station B also announced the most video content of” AWSL “barrage in major divisions such as dance, life, documentaries and so on.In the pyrotechnic “Life in a String” album, the scented food can’t help but express the “AWSL” emotion, from the adaptation of the magic dance of the automatic painting, to the pride of the panda, and even “Ba La”There are “AWSL” out of love in the magic fairy castle of La Little Demon Fairy.The screenshot is from the B station video “Pandas Stacked Together!”Soft explanatory explanations show the creativity of the community. The annual barrage becomes the basic abbreviation of cultural symbols. The “AWSL” barrage also derives from “Awei is dead”, “Ah, I’m born”, “Awei is thin”, “AhI am a donkey and other joyful interpretations of various brain holes.According to Xue Jing, an assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, the interesting interpretation of “AWSL” is a concentrated expression of the creative power of young users at Station B.The “Awei” produced out of thin air stimulated everyone’s imagination, allowing users to shuttle through the barrage of different time and space to stage a small theater of “parting from life to death”.”The conversion of the subject makes the” death “behind the AWSL barrage mean that from the shocking speech itself to the” Awei “produced out of thin air, let people regain the ease of using language and exaggerating rhetoric.Not only shows the flexibility and vividness of the online vocabulary when it is used, but also reflects the vitality of the young people’s language.Xue Jing said.The screenshot is from the video of station B “Movie playing full-page 1080P” In 2017, station B announced the annual barrage “囍” for the first time.In 2018, “true” became the annual barrage.The annual barrage at Station B has gradually become an important symbol reflecting the popular culture of the Chinese young people.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Baoqing