In the 2010s, the global box office list was released, and Mould ranked fourth

In the 2010s, the global box office list was released, and “Mould” ranked fourth
Sauna Night News November 23, some foreign media announced the 2010 (2010-2019) ten-year global tour box office list.Among them U2 band up to 10.The total box office of 3.8 billion US dollars reached the top, and it was also the only artist on the list to exceed 1 billion US dollars at the tour box office.The Rolling Stones took 9.US $ 2.9 billion followed.U2 band.The picture comes from the network “Huang Boss” Ed Sheeran 9.$ 2.2 billion is in the third place, but his “÷” tour has a total box office of 7.7.6 billion US dollars, creating the highest box office record for a single tour.But “Boss Huang” ‘s tour fare is the lowest in the top 20, with an average fare of only 81.USD 41.”Mouldy” Taylor Swift 8.With a total of 99.6 billion US dollars, she won the fourth place and was the highest grossing female artist on tour in the 2010s.Beyonce took 8.57.4 billion US dollars won the fifth place.”Mouldy” Taylor Swift.The picture comes from Network Dynamics, and the top 10 also includes Bonjovi Band, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen and East Avenue Band, Roger Waters.Among the top 20, only “mould”, Beyoncé and Pink (16th, generally refers to P!nk) Three female artists.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo